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What kind of Scotch whisky do you prefer? doesn’t allow Java script for security reasons. That is why for that poll I am providing a link. Please vote for your favorite whisky


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Exarheia…the place with the biggest consumption of Malt!

I was trying to find out which area in Greece is the first in Malt Whisky sales…but i was very lucky in this research, because i found out almost easily that this area was the city of Exarhia, the place where i live!
It’s a coincidence???!!!
So, thanks to information i gained from various sources, i made the conclusion that Exarhia owns almost 30% of the total consumption of Malts in Greece, and that sounds very logical to my ears!

We have many Bars that sell a lot of Malt Brands and of course a lot of arty fellows and tasters who love to drink with quality and not with quantity…!
And of course we have some of the most premium cellars with exquisite Malt Lists.

My favorite Cellar in Exarhia (which i will recommend also to you) is Oinotypo (Κάβα – Οινότυπο) in Charilaou Trikoupi 98 Street, where you can find a huge variety of both bottled and non-bottled wines and of course a lot of Malt Whisky Brands!!
The second one is Marko (Κάβα Μαρκό) in Kalidromiou 20 Street, which has almost 130 Malt labels and you can also taste from the open bottles before you buy, along with the friendly and Malt Maniac owners of this cellar, who will answer in any question and they will initiate you in the secrets of Malt Whisky! I suggest to visit their Web Site, to find out more about this beautiful Cellar (

Cava Marko

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My personal Malt Collection…Upd #2

2 new entrances in my personal Malt collection…

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How to enjoy your whisky…A tasting guide

“For the purpose of enjoying malt whiskies you need certain basic equipment: a supply of water, a glass, a mouth, a nose, and -optionally-a pair of eyes. Plus, of course, the whisky.”

Scotch Malt Whisky Society

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society is the world’s leading specialist in single malt, single cask, cask strength whiskies. Established more than 20 years ago by a group of friends who clubbed togther to buy a single cask of fine malt whisky, the Society retains to this day the same air of camaraderie.

Follow this link to read the full article :

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Letter to a poet…

Nikos Kavadias
There is one of my favorite Greek songs called “Letter to a poet (Γράμμα σε έναν ποιητή)” written by a famous Greek poet Nikos Kavadias, who was working as a radio operator in ships and he wrote a lot of poems about his big love, the deep blue sea. This specific song uses the word whisky in the chorus, so i will post the lyrics of it, but only in Greek language…again!
The singer of this really great song, is Dimitris Zervoudakis.

Ξέρω εγώ κάτι που μπορούσε Καίσαρ να σε σώσει
Κάτι που πάντα βρίσκεται σε αιώνια εναλλαγή
Κάτι που σκίζει τις θολές γραμμές των οριζόντων
Και ταξιδεύει αδιάκοπα την ατελείωτη γη

Κάτι που θα ‘κανε γοργά να φύγει το κοράκι
Που του γραφείου σου πάντοτε σκεπάζει τα χαρτιά
Να φύγει κράζοντας βραχνά χτυπώντας τα φτερά του
Προς κάποια ακατοίκητη κοιλάδα του νοτιά

Μακριά πολύ μακριά να ταξιδεύουμε
κι ο ήλιος πάντα μόνους να μας βρίσκει
Εσύ τσιγάρο CAMEL να καπνίζεις ναι
κι εγώ σε μια γωνιά να πίνω Whiskey

Οι πολιτείες ξένες να μας δέχονταν
οι πολιτείες οι πιο απομακρυσμένες
Κι εγώ σ’ αυτές απλά να σε εσύσταινα
σαν σε παλιές γλυκές μου αγαπημένες

Κάτι που θα ‘κανε τα υγρά παράδοξα σου μάτια
Που αβρές μαθητριούλες τ’ αγαπούν και σιωπηροί ποιητές
Χαρούμενα και προσδοκία γεμάτα να γελάσουνε
Με κάποιο τρόπο που όπως λεν δεν γέλασαν ποτέ

Γνωρίζω κάτι που μπορούσε βέβαια να σε σώσει
Εγώ που δεν σε γνώρισα ποτέ για σκέψου εγώ
Ένα καράβι να σε πάρει Καίσαρ να μας πάρει
Ένα καράβι που πολύ μακριά θα τ’οδηγώ

Μακριά πολύ μακριά να ταξιδεύουμε
κι ο ήλιος πάντα μόνους να μας βρίσκει
Εσύ τσιγάρο CAMEL να καπνίζεις ναι
κι εγώ σε μια γωνιά να πίνω Whiskey

Και μια βραδιά στην Μπούρμα ή στην Μπατάβια
Στα μάτια μιας ινδής που θα χορέψει
Γυμνή στα 17 στιλέτα ανάμεσα
θα δείτε την Γκρέτα να επιστρέψει

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Chocolate cake with Whiskey and Lemon

This is a very interesting recipe from a very organized and “tastefull” Web Site, with rich content.
The only thing about this Web Site is that it is only in Greek Language…
So, follow this link :

“Συνταγ�ς της Παρ�ας”

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Whisky Fudge

This is a recipe which some may refer to as Whisky Tablet (similar to fudge but more brittle).

1 Kilo white sugar
300 grammes butter
1 tin Nestles sweet condensed milk
1 tea cup of whisky
2 pints of freshly made, hot, milkless tea

Melt butter in a large saucepan, then add the tea. Add all sugar stir continuously until all the sugar has melted. Stir in the milk and whisky and stir continuously until the correct consistency is reached (about 10 to 15 min.)

To get the correct consistency have a cup of cold water handy and add a teaspoon of the mixture to it from time to time until it sets firm in the water.
Pour the fudge into a large buttered tray and when partly set cut into bite sized squares.

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