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Evaluate the Single Malt Whisky Web Log



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The Whisky Exchange

The brainchild of Sukhinder & Rajbir Singh, two brothers with a passion for fine spirits and over forty years experience in the off-trade between them, Specialty Drinks Limited began online trading in 1999 with the launch of their first website, www.thewhiskyexchange.com

Over the last few years the website has gone from strength to strength and is now an internationally-recognized treasure trove for connoisseurs and collectors of fine spirits, with Single Malt whisky at the forefront. The range now stands at around 1500+ whiskies, with hundreds of cognacs, rums and other spirits also available.

The whisky exchange is a very common paradigm of a British shop that decided to go on line and join the electronic business sphere. It can described as a click-and-mortar Organization since the primary business they are doing, is in the physical word and to be more specific, at the two stores which premises are in London. After years of success they decided to go online, giving the consumer the opportunity to do faster and more convenient shopping and offer prices that can change instantaneously.

Since the primary focus of the shop is toward consumers not other businesses and it sells products from manufactures to consumers, the transactions performed by the whisky exchange can be easily characterized as Business to Consumers.

The structure of the business of such companies varies and we could argue for several business models that could be adopted by whisk exchange. What we must keep in mind is the revenue model Whisky Exchange is using, is Sales since revenue and profit is generated through selling merchandise on the Web Site. Other revenue resources could be present and the web site has potential for other revenue resources, but unfortunately it’s not adopted yet.

Among several business models that exist and can address whisky exchange, the most obvious are the following: Online Direct Marketing since whisky exchange is selling online to customers , the same way it would do to a physical person. Also Group purchasing is another adopted business model since we can see after searching the web site, that depending on the quantities or the selections of the products we can have discounts or even gifts. A well know model which can also be characterized as volume-buying model as well.

A markespace includes electronic transactions in which sellers and buyers exchange goods and services for money. More specifically, it is an electronic community that integrates the procurement systems of buyers with the fulfillment systems of suppliers, creating a single standard process for transacting business. Its benefits include, one process for multiple business relationships and web based solution instead of paper, phone or physical presence. The whisky exchange is an electronic storefront since it contains several mechanism’s for conducting a sale. Features like electronic catalogues and search engines are adopted, electronic cart so that a customer can keep all the items until check out, payment gateways where a customer can choose from a variety of methods for payments, shipment court for arranging shipments of products and customer service including product information and complaints. There are major components that describe a marketspace and we can find plenty components that can describe the whisky exchange. Customers, millions of people all around the world looking for bargains, products such as whisky, drinks or drinking accessories, that don’t have now to visit whisky exchange premises in London but the can buy on line from everywhere. Business partners that are working in conjunctions with the whisky exchange that ship the products to the consumers like TNT and parcel force. Support services that provide trust services and ensure security. The whisky exchange has partners like real ex, shop safe and it is identity assured for SSL (Secure Socket Layer) transactions. It’s a forefront since consumers interact with a marketspace via the whisky exchange’s through electronic catalogues, search engines and all the aforementioned mechanisms. Last component is the sellers. You can locate products from the whisky exchange every day and find offerings that are being shelled directly though their website.

There is absolutely no doubt that a web log for the whisky exchange would be beneficial. The whisky exchange is a business to consumer electronic marketplace which can target through a blog an entire new base of consumers and offer a valuable product as an advertisement. While having a business blog is great for whisky exchange to promote products they sell and it’s also a great place to sell the website itself. Since the website follows one theme, as should the blog. All of the posts should incorporate the theme in some way and discuss what’s going on in the world of the whisky exchange theme, what’s going on with the website, and always include reader benefits to get them to come to the website. There is nothing wrong with dropping the website home page link in a post from time to time. As mentioned above, advertising is the main reason people use web logs, especially business blog. Advertising products, other people’s products and what is to come in the future. However, selling advertising space on the blog is a great way to make additional income. If the website isn’t big enough to place more on line catalogues, and even if the whisky exchange would ever want to make more money through a blog, Google Ad Sense and Blog Ads gives the ability to make money off of clicks. The more people that click on their ads, the more money you make.

Some limitations a blog site can have are most commonly administrative limitations. To be more specific, if a web log is offered to a great community of people that can evaluate and share information, we can have bad comments or even bad advertisement of web site products in a way that can be described as bad faith. Another case is that if the web log is not widely spread and not know to the people then it would result as a bad image for the web site in case last post on the web is out of date.

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The Whisky Shop

Our Blog theme is “Malt Whisky”, so in this homework I have chosen to examine and write about an e-business web site, which sells whisky online and is one of the biggest online shops in this category. I am talking about “The Whisky Shop” (http://www.whiskyshop.com/).

They are the largest whisky only specialist in the UK with 13 shops nationwide. Their online shop is the clearest and simplest online Whisky Shop, at least that’s what they believe.

First of all, let’s see what this online whisky shop is offering to the final consumer. They claim that they have one of the largest collections of single malt whisky bottles and that they can deliver them to any place in EU. They also have a very organized gift service, through which they will find the ideal gift for you, depending the occasion, and they will deliver it anywhere in the UK, safely and securely packaged, containing also your own personal message.

Through this web site you can choose your desired single malt quickly, using the search engine of the site, or browsing the bottles by distillery, region or age.

Besides, the site contains a Top 10 of Single Malt Whisky, refreshed every single week and you can also find further details for every specific bottle that this shop is selling along with recommendations for similar products.


Frequently you can also find Promotions for many products and news about events or new releases.

The sales engine of this site contains the basket logic, that is the customer choose products and he collects them in a basket, until he decides to check them out which means to buy them, filling his personal information and the shipping address along with the payment details.


In Whisky Shop you can also find rare whiskies, such as Macallan Fine Oak 30 years old which is a single malt Highland scotch whisky and costs 300.00£, or a bottle of Bunnahabhain 25 years old for the price of 175.00£.

Another advantage of this e-business site is that you can find some unique treasures, that means bottles straight from the cask. Customers of The Whisky Shop constantly search for the different and the special, whether it be a treat for themselves or a gift for someone else. At The Whisky Shop they stock a vast range of different whiskies covering all the mainstream brands as well as the independent bottlings. They like to think that they go the extra mile for their customers and their relative size allows them to reach beyond the traditional supply chain and produce their own exclusive offerings.

In 2004 they introduced their GlenKeir Treasures range. They launched the concept with a truly unique range of single malt whiskies that they purchase in wood directly from the distiller. The whiskies are decanted into oak barrels within their shops, from where they are hand bottled as and when purchased by the customer.
GlenKeir Treasures were first introduced to The Whisky Shop’s new outlet in Edinburgh’s Victoria Street, close to the Royal Mile and the range has now been rolled across all stores in the estate. The Treasures have gone down a storm with customers and many want to explore the whole range once one variety has been purchased.

Their deliveries so far have included a Ledaig 8 year old, a Glenrothes 10 year old, an Aberlour 9 year old, a Deanston 12 year old, a Ben Nevis 10 year old and a Macallan 15 year old. They have a number of other makes in the pipeline. They have also expanded the concept to encompass a cast strength range and a celebration miniature.

We already mentioned that Whisky Shop has 13 shops nationwide, except this online e-shop, so we have to deal with a click and mortar (click and brick) organization, that conducts some e-commerce activities, but do their primary business in the physical world. Furthermore, we have to do with a typical B2C Business to consumer EC which includes retail transactions of products (whisky bottles etc.) from business to individual shoppers. In this model, sales are made from retail to consumer, making distribution more efficient, so we have a typical example of Online Direct Marketing, for this web site, which is of course the most obvious model of selling products online. According to the definition of e-marketplace (or marketspace), a marketplace is a place in which sellers and buyers exchange goods and services for money, but do so electronically. We can easily comprehend that “The Whisky Shop” is definitely an e-marketplace or simply a marketspace, which has customers (the millions of people worldwide who surf the Web), products (like a simple marketplace, which are the bottles of Whisky) but has also an Infrastructure which includes electronic networks, hardware and software of this web site and finally some support services like the distribution procedure for delivering the purchased goods, etc.

Of course, like every other e-business web site, it has its Front-End and Back-End environment.

Furthermore e have to do with an Electronic Storefront, as it refers to a single company’s Website where products are sold and it belongs to a retailer and contains both an electronic catalog and a search engine that helps the consumer find the desired products from the catalog. It also contains an electronic cart, as we described earlier in this document, called basket, for holding items until checkout and other customer services, such as product information.

Finally we are talking about a specialized store that sells only specific products (malt whiskey) and refers to specific customers (whisky fans).

This Web site does not have blog services, but I think that such an implementation will add many positive facts in this site and will make it more interactive and interesting. For example through blog services, the site will have its own forum, in which customers can discuss about various whisky labels and distilleries and exchange their experiences. They could also post their own posts in the site and grade the site’s products. Except that, the user will make his own decision about a certain whisky, which he has never tasted before, easier and safer, just by tracking other users’ comments.

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