Exarheia…the place with the biggest consumption of Malt!

I was trying to find out which area in Greece is the first in Malt Whisky sales…but i was very lucky in this research, because i found out almost easily that this area was the city of Exarhia, the place where i live!
It’s a coincidence???!!!
So, thanks to information i gained from various sources, i made the conclusion that Exarhia owns almost 30% of the total consumption of Malts in Greece, and that sounds very logical to my ears!

We have many Bars that sell a lot of Malt Brands and of course a lot of arty fellows and tasters who love to drink with quality and not with quantity…!
And of course we have some of the most premium cellars with exquisite Malt Lists.

My favorite Cellar in Exarhia (which i will recommend also to you) is Oinotypo (Κάβα – Οινότυπο) in Charilaou Trikoupi 98 Street, where you can find a huge variety of both bottled and non-bottled wines and of course a lot of Malt Whisky Brands!!
The second one is Marko (Κάβα Μαρκό) in Kalidromiou 20 Street, which has almost 130 Malt labels and you can also taste from the open bottles before you buy, along with the friendly and Malt Maniac owners of this cellar, who will answer in any question and they will initiate you in the secrets of Malt Whisky! I suggest to visit their Web Site, to find out more about this beautiful Cellar (http://www.cavamarko.gr/)

Cava Marko


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