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Whisky Samples, try before you buy

This is an unique opportunity to try an exceptional and rare whisky. This site provides samples that are carefully poored into new 3cl clear glass sample bottles. they are constantly adding new samples. A perfect way to try new whisky before buying the bottles. For guys from Athens like me, don’t worry. They deliver in Greece


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I just bought a new single malt from speyside. I wanted something more sweet than the others and more smooth. So … i choose a 15yr Aberlour sherry wood finish. It’s toffee like and smoky at your noise, woody and sweet when you drink it and leaves a touch of mints and cinnamon during finish. I would definitely recommend you to try it…

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Let’s go out for a Malt, at Kolwnaki

…another really cool bar with great selection of malts in the city, super jazz music, run-down velvet wallpaper, all hidden in this tucked-away spot right next to lycabettus hill. You can find the place at Ploutarxou & Kleomenous 56

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The Malt Project

a DVD documentary series covering visits to approximately 50 different single malt distilleries in Scotland.  Seven separate volumes produced in high quality digital video

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Islay, Highlands, Speyside….

you really can’t tell which place is better. Is it the peat, is it the cherry ???  we decided to visit Scotland now that its colder than ever!! we have planned a roadtrip from Glasgow to Islay and then Highlands till speyside. If you have any advices, tips or best places that you think we shouldnt miss, please advice !!


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