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Royal Mile Whiskies – A unique e-commerce site

Royal Malt Whiskies
In this post i would like to introduce you a very interesting and unique web site that belongs to Royal Mile Whiskies company. Royal Mile Whiskies was set up as a specialist malt whisky retailer, based on Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile. An independent, Scottish-owned shop located in Scotland, Royal Mile Whiskies specialises in single malt scotch whisky, but also sells Irish whiskey, bourbon whiskey, grain whisky and blends. They won the Whisky Magazine’s ‘Retailer of the Year’ award in 2003 and 2004. In their Web site you can find almost all single malt whisky brands, information about the distilleries and the bottles and many other things such as special offers and accessories. At last, but not least, i must admit that it is a very organized and well navigable e-commerce site, with an artistic layout!
I would also like to thank my friend Kyriakos, who suggested this site, and i would like to tell him that he can be proud and happy for a few days…but soon he will realize that in the end…Frankie rules!!!

So, follow the link and enjoy…


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