Technological Components – business needs and strategic importance of

 Table I summarizes the Technological components met at the selected web site and their business significance.

# Technological Component   Business need   Strategic importance
1  Complete Home page – Virtual store  Attract customer-whisky fan to visit the virtual store Company mission statement – raison d’être: one stop shop for Whisky fans
2  Product catalogue banners Simulate the physical products’ catalogue
  • Display store richness
  • Facilitate purchasing process
3  Virtual basket zone Simulate the physical shopping basket
  • Make customer feel casually
  • Facilitate check out and payment process
  • Map and trace customer needs
4  Gift packs banners Facilitate customers to make surprise gifts Attract prospect customers’ friends
5 Clearing & special offers banners Highlight and facilitate access to discounted goods Attract price-sensitive customers
6 Newsletter- Mailing list subscription mini window Create customer base

Keep customers informed

  • Aspire Loyalty
  • Assist Stickiness
  • Stimulate demand
7 Secure payment, Accreditations & Partnerships logos Ensure payments security and data privacy
  • Build trust
  • Convince customers
8 Promotional – Informative banners ; quick links Simulate the physical, cal in-store promotions Help new customers to navigate the store
9 Search functionality Simulate the interaction with the Store employee Help customers to find what they look for and eventually buy more
10 Embedded currency converter Facilitate transactions with international customers Help customers understand the cost of goods, remain at the web site and eventually buy more
11 Interactive map for physical store location  Facilitate customers who wish to visit the physical store Attract customers who wish to have the physical store experience
12 Help and support center zone Simulates the store concierge Help customers to find what they look for and eventually buy more
13  Products short description, history, preview Improve customer experience and attract interest
  • Help customers to learn about the products and become whisky fans
  • Substitute the lack of contact with the physical good
  • Facilitate purchasing process
14  Reviews submission engine  Understand customers’ pulse and preferences  Improve Products’ catalogue 

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