Let’s go out for a Malt, in the center of Athens…!

As a city center citizen of this Town – i live in Exarheia – i will suggest you some Real Bars, to enjoy a glass of Single Malt Whisky …. and more…!

My first suggestion will be the 7 Jokers Bar (Voulis 7 – Syntagma).
7 Jokers Bar
You can describe it with a 3 sets of English words : Joyful and moody, glamorous and bohemian, insightful and mainstream.

With a decoration that reminds you an andalusian Bar and due to its place the 7 Jokers is the place where the oppositions of the city are blended. Inside the Bar you can find both the stray of clubs and the impenitent alternatives.
The Music? You can hear from Jazz to Soul and from Funk to classic, modern and alternative Rock.

And finally you can enjoy a glass of pure Single Malt, like a Mcallan 12 y, in a proper –tulip shaped- scotch glass…!!!

Circus (Navarinou 11)
Circus Bar
This kinky new bar using the circus concept is located between Exarheia and Kolonaki but its like an independed one! With the “feel like home” corners and the “crazy” atmosphere that reminds you a real circus, it already became a real joint!

You can definately hear good music, dance, meet new interesting people and of course enjoy a glass of Single Malt Whisky leaving your glass over souplats with the photos of Sophia Lauren and Gaoutso (from Marx Brothers)…!


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