Nosing a Single Malt Whisky…

Smelling the whisky, or nosing it, as it is better known will tell you a great deal about the whisky. Take your time and enjoy the aromas. If you are nosing a cask strength whisky, it’s best to add a little water to help release the flavours and to avoid anaesthetising your nose – see ‘Adding Water.’ Swirl the whisky around in the glass and try nosing the whisky.


The aromas sensed in whisky can be categorised as follows:
Phenols – peat and smoke
Esters – fruity or solvent
Floral – grass and flowers
Cereal – malty, yeasty smell
Winey – sherry and nutty
Woody – vanilla and toast
Sulphury – gas and rubber
Feinty – tobacco and leather.


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