Dalwhinnie Distillery (Diageo plc Group)

Dalwhinnie distillery, in Scotland, produces Single malt Scotch whisky, classified among the Highland Single Malts. The distillery was founded with the name of the town it is near, Strathspey, in the late 1890s. The site was chosen for its access to clear spring water from Lochan-Doire-Uaine and abundant peat from the surrounding bogs. Set in splendid mountain scenery, Dalwhinnie is the highest distillery in Scotland. The name Dalwhinnie means meeting place, which refers to the meeting of ancient cattle drovers’ routes through the mountains.

 The unique malt whisky of Skye, matures for at least 10 years. And its flavour is so strong and explosive, as the rocky coasts of the island that each day is beeing whipped by the wind and the wave! 
The Lord of islands of Scotland. A whisky that is given birth in Islay and matures there for 16 whole years. A strong whisky, exigent, with exceptionally intense flavour.
From the ancient Lorne, this 14 year old whisky has in its flavour the magic of the sea and a soft finishing that reminds highlands.
From the tallest, the most mountainous distillery of Scotland that nests in Gramprans, a soft 15 year old Whisky, with exceptionally hot body.
Undeniably, it is the masterpiece of Speyside. A refined 12 year old Whisky, with exceptionally complex flavour.
An exceptionally soft malt 10 years old, from Lowlands, the region that is the rich and fertile “garden of Scotland”.


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