The Bowmore That Smashed Auction World Record

Mutter An exquisitely rare 19th century bottle of Bowmore smashed the World Record at the Rare Whisky auction at McTears, Glasgow in September fetching a staggering £29,400 ($58,800).

The oldest known bottle of Bowmore (circa 1850 – 1880), it was distilled under the ownership of William & James Mutter, whose family bought Bowmore distillery in 1836. William Mutter sold his share in the distillery in 1851 due to ill health. It had been passed down through the generations until the last descendent received the bottle in 1973. “We knew it had to be extremely rare and we were very excited to have the privilege of handling the sale,” said Martin Green, Whisky Consultant with McTears on the day prior to auction. “We sold a late 19th century bottle of Bowmore distilled under the Mutter twins in 2001 and it fetched £14,300 [$28,600]. This bottle is much older than the last one from the Mutter era. As it is being sold by a direct descendent of William Mutter, we know the provenance is impeccable.” The bottle had been stored on its side and once upright, the cork slipped into the neck but dropped into the whisky in the days prior to the auction.


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