The most expensive whisky…Macallan 1926!!!

Fairly belongs to him the first place in the list with more expensive whisky of the world. We are talking about Macallan Single Malt Whisky 1926. According to Forbes magazine the price of particular bottle oscillated in the 38 thousand dollars. Lately, one of the latest and of course hard to find bottles came out in auction from the known house of auctions Christies in New York. The candidate purchasers were many and the competition hard. The final price of this specific bottle touched the price record… 58 thousands of dollars!

Macallan 1926…

This auction is considered as a historical one, not only for the high price of this whisky but also for the fact that it was the first auction of alcoholic drink in New York from the season of alcohol prohibition.



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4 responses to “The most expensive whisky…Macallan 1926!!!

  1. Shanti

    Overdone! Whoever won the bid better not have been drunk or tired when they tasted that first drop! I hope they savored and respected every part of it!!

  2. prince

    awesome,i m dreaming to get such whisky for consuming & hope my dream will come true

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